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Character Name: Rapunzel
Canon: Tangled
Medium: Western animation
Type: OU

Species: Human
Appearance: Tah-dah!
Age: 18
You might not expect Rapunzel's cheerful, lighthearted demeanor after her unusual upbringing, but there's no trick or act to it. Maybe her carefree behavior is a result of being left on her own to run rampant up and down the tower, or that just helped a natural tendency towards peppiness grow. Whatever it is, it's genuine; Rapunzel is just a happy person, always full of energy and smiles.

Only ever interacting with one other human being has left her naive, though. She's oblivious to much of what goes on in the world outside, holding instead an idealized image based on her overactive imagination. Whether or not it's actually a good idea, she's quick to trust—she decides to trust the strange thief who breaks into her tower as soon as she's done being afraid of the second human being she's ever encountered, and appeals to the compassion of a large gang of violent thugs actively beating up the aforementioned thief.

For the same reason, though, she longs for human interaction and takes every opportunity for it. That and her bubbly attitude actually make her a natural social butterfly! And ultimately, she does win over both the thief and the thugs, so she's certainly doing something right.

Being naive certainly doesn't make her dumb, though. With little else to do in that tower all day, she took to reading through Gothel's library. As such, she's well-versed in a number of subjects: among them, baking, sewing, playing guitar, candle making, and ballet. Clearly, her talents and pursuits tend towards the creative., and her greatest passion is painting.

She's surprisingly resourceful. The best example of this is when she and Flynn are cornered by the guards and the two thieves with a vendetta against him: she uses her hair to swing off the cliff and away from the fight, lasso Flynn to safety, and swing herself away from the thieves chasing her. All of this is done calmly and without much hesitation; she's courageous and daring. Cliff edges nor thugs won't deter her—though she's frightened by packs of the latter when brought to a pub, she doesn't hesitate to whap one in the head with her frying pan when they threaten Flynn, her ticket towards her dream. She follows up by imploring them to have some humanity, displaying her optimistic, trusting nature.

History: Tangled plot summary

Magical Girl Academy AU Information

AU Personality Changes: While Rapunzel hasn't had a chance to showcase many of the above traits in the AU, she still has the potential to showcase them and, as such, has essentially the same personality as above.
AU History Changes:
Usually, a magical girl will discover her powers defending herself or her loved ones from a Shade and be whisked away to Etoile immediately thereafter.

Not so with Rapunzel. Her powers came to the surface earlier than most magical girls': before she was born. A Shade had taken up residence in the castle and her mother, the queen of a small island kingdom in southern Europe, became its unfortunate victim. As it sucked away her life force, she fell further into illness, and the kingdom feared that the queen and the child in her womb would perish.

A magical girl's powers are discovered when protecting herself or someone she loves from a Shade. That's what Rapunzel was doing when she healed her mother from inside her womb.

The kingdom rejoiced to know their royalty was safe. News spread far and wide—perhaps too far.

On another island just off the kingdom's, unclaimed and uncharted, lived Gothel. In her prime, she had been a magical girl, though not a very good one. Having grown sick of the obligation of fighting Shades, she'd retreated to the island, created a magical barrier to deter unwanted visitors, and took up residence in an old tower. In her old age, her powers were fading, and she struggled to uphold her magically-crafted beauty and youth. When she heard what had happened to the queen, she reached a conclusion: the unborn princess was a magical girl with the power to heal—and she needed that power for herself.

As soon as the news of Rapunzel's birth reached her, Gothel enacted her plan. The baby was taken in the night, spirited away to Gothel's secluded island. For good measure, she strengthened the barrier around the island to hide Rapunzel's presence.

Rapunzel was raised as Gothel's daughter the same way she was in canon—that is, poorly. Gothel lied to, belittled, manipulated, and emotionally abused Rapunzel. She made herself the victim in any situation, especially if Rapunzel tried to complain. But she put up a loving, nurturing facade over it all and Rapunzel, not knowing anything else, loved her.

In an attempt to keep personal control over it, Gothel taught Rapunzel that singing was the conduit to using her magic, which was stored in her hair. The belief that her powers were a tangible thing that needed to be protected in the tower lest they be taken away with a snip of scissors kept Rapunzel under control—if she were to learn that she was a magical girl and the master of her own magic, full of potential, Gothel feared she might leave on her own terms. Rapunzel's personal focus on her hair allowed it to grow—and grow and grow and grow; all that unused power available from such a young age needed some kind of outlet.

The years went by and Rapunzel's intrigue towards the outside world, which she only saw in storybooks and as the shape of floating stars every year in the distance out her window, only deepened. Her eighteenth birthday went just as it did in canon: her request to go outside was met with staunch and enraged refusal. After she left the tower, though, Flynn Rider never came.

In Gothel's absence, her protective barrier around the tower weakened. The first thing this allowed in was a Shade. Instinct took over Rapunzel and, finally transforming into her magical girl persona, she defeated it—that would show her mother, she thought, of course she could handle herself! Except upon her return, Rapunzel didn't receive the chance to tell her mother what she'd done; just as in canon, Gothel interrupted her with screaming and insistence that Rapunzel would never leave the tower, ever.

Rapunzel still requested the white shells for her birthday, hoping she'd have time to find a way to use her new powers to get out, if only for a little while. This time, Gothel's absence weakened the barrier to let in the headmistress of Etoile, who noticed the sudden magical presence where there was none before.

The headmistress was oblivious to Rapunzel's origins but anyone could see that something was wrong with the poor girl locked away from civilization in a tower—so when Rapunzel brought up her mother, idly on the way out, she insisted that it was all taken care of.

And so, Rapunzel, with seventy feet of hair bundled up in her arms, was taken outside at last—to the train station, alongside the headmistress, towards Etoile.

Magical Girl Info:

Title: Sunflower Power
Appearance: This outfit, but with her hair down.
Transformation Item & Phrase: Rapunzel's transformation call is "flower, gleam and glow"—if she can get the whole song in, she can, but not all transformations need to be equally dramatic. She learned the song from Gothel, whose item actually was a magical flower. Rapunzel, on the other hand, doesn't have a proper item. Her hair essentially acts as one. If it's braided or otherwise tied up, it comes unbound when she transforms.
Powers and Attacks:
Rapunzel works best in a team because, while she is capable of brute force, offense isn't her specialty. Her signature skill is healing—through contact (including/especially with her hair), she's capable of healing wounds and providing a powerful boost of energy. In addition, her hair, strengthened by her magic and capable to some degree of movement on its own, can be used to subdue Shades, as a lasso, to swing from things, and so on. Also, it glows at her command. Never be stuck in the dark again!

She tends to sing when using her magic; she's been taught for so long that that's how her magic works that it's difficult for her to use without singing.
Weapon: Though her specialty isn't offensive spells, Rapunzel does have a magical...frying pan. No, really.Her hair tends to be her go-to weapon of choice, though.

Extra: N/A
Samples: A more detailed summary of Tangled is provided here on the Disney wikia.
Writing Sample: Action Tags

The dorm room isn't nearly big enough for Rapunzel to spread her hair out like she could at home, but she's doing what she can. Her hair coats every inch of the floor, spread out in rows as neat as she could manage with as little overlapping as she could get. She sits near the door, legs crossed with a book open in her lap.

"Okay—ooooone," she murmurs, and feels a tug at her scalp as her hair shifts and starts to rise off the floor. It takes a lot of effort to not whirl around to look at what her magic's doing, but she squeezes her eyes shut and keeps going.

"Twoooo..." Another section of her hair, another tug at the left side of her scalp.

"Threeeeee..." And the last of it—along with some shuffling noises that she thinks are papers fluttering to the floor, but she'll worry about that later.
She's halfway there now, right? Opening her eyes to look at the book again, just to keep her focus, Rapunzel starts to whisper: "One, two, three... One, two, three... One, two—" THUD, something falls behind her, and she screeches when her hair jerks back.
Instead of turning, she takes a deep breath, and focuses back on the magic; she has to get this right. "Three. One...two..."
Again and again, until all but the hair at the very edge of her head has folded over itself; she can feel it pull and brush against her neck. She sets the book on the ground and, with a deep breath and careful movements like she expects the weight of her hair behind her to collapse into dust if she's too fast, comes to her feet.
And all the energy of sitting for so long catches up to her and she whirls around—and in the corner of her eyes, catches the edge of the braid she's twisted her hair into—that her hair has twisted itself into, maybe? Regardless, it's not terribly neat, but certainly gets the job done; all seventy feet of her unreasonable hair hangs just above her ankles now.
With a grin, she skips out the front door, prepared to face the day without anybody tripping over her hair this time—without even thinking about the mess she's left behind.

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